Many patients seeking dental treatment may not realize that optimal oral health is actually a combination of several forms of wellness. Did you know that your quality of sleep, daily diet, amount of exercise, and general outlook on dentistry can affect the health of your mouth? Many dentists fail to recognize that successful outcomes and increased patient satisfaction are the results of treating the whole body and not just the mouth.

Released in January of 2018, Dr. Forlano's blog,, dives deeper into how care for the mind, body, soul, and smile can positively affect your overall well being. Every month, four articles are published to the blog (one article for each facet of wellness). Posts focus on how caring for the mind, body, and soul can lead to better care for your smile; for example, using all natural toothpaste, practicing mindfulness, and staying hydrated. If you would like to stay up-to-date on what's going on at, visit the blog and subscribe to receive email notifications when new content is published.

Dr. Forlano's team is excited to bring our readers new content every month. Posts are written by Dr. Forlano, Dental Assistant Daysi, and Director of Technology Tim. Dr. Forlano draws on his 30+ years of dental expertise and Daysi is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

We encourage all of our patients to visit the blog to supplement their treatment. We hope that our readers will positively change their perceptions about dentistry and take a step towards wellness by caring for the mindbody, soul, and smile

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