The Golden Proportions

More so than the color of your teeth, it is the proportions of the teeth and the shape of the embrasures that actually create a beautiful smile. In nature, art and architecture, it is the Golden Proportions that truly define beauty. We follow these golden proportions when designing a smile. We apply these proportions to your tooth height & width, your lip lines and your facial dimensions so that your teeth will fit your lips and face.

Porcelain Veneers

We have teamed up with a world renowned laboratory to provide what we believe are the most lifelike and natural porcelain restorations. Our ceramist is a pioneer in porcelain veneers and has created smiles for models and celebrities nationally and internationally. After a thorough smile analysis, as well as a facial analysis, we can design and deliver a well-proportioned smile for you.

Tooth Whitening

Take home our tooth whitening menu and choose the method best suited for your lifestyle. We offer Zoom in-office whitening to brighten your smile in about an hour. Included with your Zoom treatment are complimentary, custom take-home trays to maintain your bright smile throughout the year. We also offer at-home Opalescence Whitening Kits and economical Tres White Supreme trays.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Preview

We understand the anxiety and uncertainly that goes into redoing your smile. Wondering if you’ve chosen the right dentist? What will it look like? Will the teeth look too big? Our Smile Preview will reduce your uncertainty. From a diagnostic wax-up, we can fabricate sample veneers for you so you can see what your veneers would look like, first hand in your mouth...before even starting! Smile Preview Newsletter