Family Dentistry

All phases of general dentistry are available in our office. We treat patients of all ages. Our services range from preventive care, fillings and crowns, to one-visit root canal therapy, minor oral surgery, implants, orthodontics and full mouth reconstruction. Whatever your needs, we can assure professional, precise and comfortable treatment 

Preventive Care

The mantra, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” says it all. Our emphasis has and always will be on education and prevention. This approach prevents developing dental problems later on. Cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss, and periodontitis can all be avoided or mitigated with preventive dental care. Once established at our office, we will recommend a Preventive Care Program for you to follow for a lifetime of good oral health.


The early stages of periodontal disease are often painless and you may not be aware that your gums are infected. Early detection is the key to successful treatment. We examine, not just screen, all patients on their first visit and annually thereafter, and recommend a personalized course of treatment to arrest the disease and optimize your dental health. For advanced stages of periodontal disease, we offer laser, surgical, and non-surgical treatment to aid in the regeneration of bone and gum tissue.



For your comfort, we are equipped to perform most root canal procedures in one visit! Your comfort is our main concern throughout all phases of endodontic treatment. In fact, discomfort during and after the procedure is rare.
Dr. Forlano has trained under the supervision of Dr. Herbert Schilder, Chairman of the Endodontic Department at Boston University and innovator of several endodontic techniques that have set the gold standard for root canal therapy for decades.
Combining this experience with the most recent technological advances such as nickel titanium rotary files, ultrasonic debridement, electronic apex location, resin-based obturation and our operating microscope, you can be assured of comfortable, precise treatment. 

Dental Tooth

Restorative Dentistry & Same Day Crowns

From traditional porcelain crowns to metal free restorations such as lithium disilicate and new solid zirconia restorations, we offer a variety of material to restore your teeth to proper form and function,...often in the same day. Using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing), gone are the days of going home with a temporary crown and waiting two weeks for the lab work to return. Our latest genera-tion CEREC acquisition unit and milling unit are wirelessly paired to produce durable crowns, bridges and inlays in under an hour. The latest computer software enables us to design our restorations chairside while you wait. Our variety of stains and glazes, in combination with our Sirona Speedfire oven, result in natural looking restorations.