Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning is the process of involving two or more academic, scientific, or artistic disciplines into formulating an individual’s treatment plan.  This is the heart and soul of our practice philosophy and is the best method for providing lifelong results.


Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning begins with an accurate diagnosis. You will notice that we do not make two-minute chairside diagnosis, but rather follow the medical model of gathering all the data first, thoroughly organizing and analyzing the data and then formulating a diagnosis. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, we begin the treatment planning process.

Predictable Dental Health

The rationale for a Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning is to provide predictable dental health and maximize long-term results. Over the past 25 years, most of the dentistry that has walked through my doors has been “patchwork” treatment. These patients report “going to the dentist all the time” yet have had ongoing dental problems. The intent of Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning is to break this viscous cycle and instead of “patchwork” dentistry, provide results that last.

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning is simply the process of formulating options that will correct your dental problems. There are two schools of thought on effective treatment planning. One school of thought is to start with the end result in mind and work backwards. This requires us to visualize the final treatment outcome first and then use the diagnostic data to devise a plan, in step-by-step fashion, to reach the end result. The other school of thought is to gather the initial data and record all that is wrong, create a list of goals and objectives to “right the wrongs.” Then devise a planned sequence of steps to meet each of the goals and objectives. We combine these two schools of thought when designing an effective course of treatment. We visualize the desired result from the onset to establish our treatment target and often provide a tangible wax up of the desired outcome. At the same time, we effectively manage the problems, generate ideas to resolve the problems and provide you with predictable options to make those ideas possible.

One Provider

Dr. Forlano’s advanced training and commitment to continuing education provides the skills, knowledge and experience to offer Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning and Comprehensive Care right here in one office, under one roof, under the care of one provider. No more running around from office to office. Truly a self-contained approach to comprehensive dental care.

Interdisciplinary Treatment planning restores the teeth, the bite, and the muscles and personal self-esteem. It provides a healthy masticatory system and a smile that looks and functions beautifully.