Dr. Forlano is a general dentist trained and certified in four different orthodontic techniques: Tip-Edge, Straight Wire, Functional Appliances and Clear Aligners.
He has earned his Fellowship in orthodontic treatment through the
International Association for Orthodontics.


Tip-Edge combines a unique bracket design and light forces to tip and then upright teeth into position. Benefits are:
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Deep bites open easily
  • Ideal for Class II overbites
  • Eliminates the need for headgear
  • Pre-programmed slots for desired tooth movements
  • Increased anchorage and vertical control to predictably correct deep bites
  • Predictable correction of over-jetting teeth
  • Allows for the use of attachments on individual teeth

Straight Wire 

Straightwire orthodontics is the traditional technique to align teeth in the dental arch with several advantages:
  • Provides big, broad smiles
  • Creates a balanced occlusion for biting, chewing and speaking
  • Utilizes flexible “memory” wires
  • Based on Edgewise principles
  • Corrects rotations, crowding and spacing
  • Often used after functional appliance therapy in a two-stage approach
  • The gold standard in orthodontics for decades

Functional Appliances 

Functional appliances correct skeletal problems while the jaws are still growing. They offer a wide variety of benefits:
  • Expand narrow arches
  • Create space for adult teeth
  • Minimize the need to remove adult teeth
  • Correctly relate the upper and lower jaws to each other
  • Improve speech
  • Correct mouth breathing
  • Improve constricted airways
  • Reduce strain on jaw joints
  • Provide the foundation for broad, beautiful smiles

Clear Aligners

A series of clear plastic “aligners” are custom designed using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology with several benefits:
  • Virtually invisible
  • No brackets or wires
  • Clear and comfortable
  • No irritation to the lips
  • Simply remove to eat, brush and floss
  • Great for adults and teens
  • Patients are often seen smiling during treatment as much as after treatment


Adult Orthodontics 

For an adult, there are numerous benefits to be gained from orthodontic treatment. Teeth that are correctly aligned are easier to maintain, are less likely to trap plaque and food, and are less likely to chip and wear irregularly. For those requiring bridge work or implants, correcting the bite first via orthodontics will provide a better prosthetic result. For those with TMJ symptoms, straightening the teeth, or correcting the bite, can significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms such as clicking, popping, headache and jaw pain….and also prevent further degenerative joint disease. It’s never too late to straighten your teeth!

Straight teeth

Smiles Made Faster 

Want to straighten your teeth faster than Invisalign or braces alone? The PROPEL system can be used in combination with current orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign, and traditional and contemporary braces, to help move teeth into their desired position 50% faster. In the past, moving teeth too fast and with too much pressure would have deleterious effects on the roots. PROPEL’s new innovation utilizes a non-invasive decortication technique to decrease total treatment time safely.